Our tech-focused lives can lead to anxiety, trouble sleeping and a sense of being overwhelmed as we do not take time out for ourselves to unplug and reset.

We offer our members exclusive access to a curated range of enriching mindfulness, meditation and yoga workshops to help strike that ever elusive work-life balance.

Take a time out, put notifications on mute, and join us for a guided class on being present at Love Child.


One of our most popular wellness events is our Love Brunch, which we hold every two months here in our Toronto oasis.

Running from 11am to 4pm, this truly unique retreat experience features a range of uplifting activities including Prana yoga flows, Irie Soul meditation, and ecstatic dance and movement workshops.

Mindfulness workshops aim to create a sense of awareness of one’s body, thoughts and sensations in the moment, allowing for full appreciation of the present and letting go of the stresses and worries of the past and future.

Our members will learn the latest tips and tricks to maximising the benefits of this ancient practice in their day to day lives at the Love Brunch, whilst connecting with other interested individuals.


The environment is our most precious resource, and its time we all did our part in safeguarding
it for future generations
After the morning round of activities, refuel your body and mind with a delicious vegetarian and vegan brunch provided by Cali Love, which focuses on fresh, local produce that doesn’t cost the Earth.
Rebalance your system with complimentary kombucha teas and flow water whilst you soak up the relaxed vibes in our lush tropical setting.
Once you have had your fill, embrace the afternoon with expert-led sound healing workshops, crystal meditation and more.
These events are extremely popular and have strictly limited capacities, so we give our Love
Child members exclusive early bird access and discount prices to ensure everyone has a chance
to experience this invigorating day.


Feel like breaking a bit more of a sweat? Why not come to one of our various fitness classes to
get the blood pumping!
  • Embrace your inner warrior in our jungle vibes space, with fitness experts guiding you through some of the best workouts in Toronto.
  • From pilates to spin class, bootcamp to squats, our varied range of fitness classes will kick your health goals into high gear.
  • Simply check our upcoming schedule to see what’s on offer, or if you’re after a particular fitness experience, why not reach out to one of our friendly Love Child team and we can look into making your dream become a reality.
At Love Child, we’re always looking at ways to improve your working
experience, so join us today to take your career and fitness to the next


Nourish your body and mind with Love Child today.

Read what clients have to say about Love Child Social House

Great place for drinks! Bonus points for super nice staff and even nicer people working the door. Thanks K at the door!

Reviewer: Terry Donovan


5 out of 5 stars

My company previously had our event at Love Child. Definitely a cool and pop cultured venue. If there's one thing I can say about this place is the vibe. Our event was a success with the help of an awesome team. The venue accommodated over 140+ people comfortably. The natural light in the space gave it a really nice glow to the room during the day. Overall, amazing turn out.

Reviewer: Raymund Arenque


4 out of 5 stars

Super accommodating for every little thing! Highly recommend this space to anyone planning an event!

Reviewer: Maggie Wesley


5 out of 5 stars

Read what clients have to say about Love Child Social House