Finding the perfect space for your special event can make or break the atmosphere of the night - something too tight and dull will be a let down for your guests, whilst something cavernous and cold can put a real dampener on making connections

At Love Child, we specialize in creating relaxed, inviting atmospheres for any special event you might be planning, from baby showers with a tropical twist, to engagement parties for your nearest and dearest.

Our dedicated team are experts in event planning and can organise delicious catering from our preferred suppliers, get the tunes pumping with in house audiovisual equipment, and make your guests feel right at home with comfy couches, artful armchairs and a splash of greenery.


Event planning can be one of the most stressful undertakings in the modern world. Decor needs to be on point, catering needs to be delicious and environmentally conscious, and ambience is vital to the success of any special event.

At Love Child, we are big believers in the power of a casual vibe to make your guests feel welcome and keep the good times rolling at any event. Our mix of vibrant colours, tropical touches and inviting couches makes Love Child stand out in Toronto as a gorgeous getaway destination to host any occasion.

Our friendly staff know exactly what you need to get you where you need to go and will work with you to get everything just right. Have a big centrepiece you want to show off? We’ll get it done. Balloons, party favours, or signature cocktails? We’ve got you covered. Delicious, sustainably sourced catering your guests will love? Our preferred suppliers have exactly what you need.

Love Child is here to take the stress out of special event venue rental, so you can get back to enjoying your night.


Let our Love Child team deal with the specifics whilst you enjoy your special event.
Special events such as baby showers, engagement parties, bar and bat mitzvahs require a thoughtful touch to give them the proper attention to detail they deserve.
Our Love Child team is dedicated to ensuring your special day is exactly how you pictured it, from personalised decorations and seating arrangements, to bespoke hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.
Let our team take all those logistical nightmares off your hands and let you get back to making memories with your friends and family during these unforgettable milestone occasions.

unforgettable milestone occasions. Whether you want to keep things small and intimate or have a guestlist a mile long,
Love Child will have the space to give your special event room to come alive.

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If you're ready for a special event that feels truly special, contact Love Child today.