In order to become the best you need to learn from the best, and at Love Child we take that seriously by offering our members exclusive expert panel discussions from industry titans who are willing to pass on tips to their success.

Our speakers range in specialty from business and career advancement, to wellness and organisation and everything in between you might need to grow personally and professionally.

As a Love Child member, you’ll get access to all the tools you need to improve yourself and become the best version of yourself, so embrace self love and join today.


Networking is a crucial part of the modern working experience, and perfecting the subtle skills of conversation can serve you extremely well. Our business workshops focus on providing you with the opportunity to practice these skills, whilst also making real business connections with our experienced speakers and fellow Love Child members alike.

Our laidback setting and relaxed vibe will put you at ease as you mingle with other like minded professionals for an evening of knowledge sharing and engagement. After the workshop, why not grab a drink in our Social Lounge with your newfound colleagues and continue the networking practice over a craft beer or cocktail?

At Love Child, you can make networking fun without sacrificing professionalism. Join today and see what everyone is talking about.


The environment is our most precious resource, and its time we all did our part in safeguarding
it for future generations
Our environmentally focused panel discussions give our members the opportunity to learn about the latest trends in how to go green, as well as getting tips on natural alternatives to everyday products.
Fitting in perfectly with our lush decor and focus on sustainability, some of our previous panels have discussed clean beauty regimes that don’t cost the Earth, how to stick to eco-resolutions, and the latest initiatives big businesses are taking to limit their impact on the planet.
As a Love Child member, you’ll feel good not just about working and playing in a fun and collaborative space, but also for the knowledge of how to leave our little floating paradise better than you found it.
Learn how to do your bit for the environment with Love Childermas


Looking to take your career to the next level? Our exclusive panel discussions are designed to
allow our members get access to some of the brightest minds in various industries and learn
from their successes and mistakes.
  • Our Boss Mondays is a discussion panel series focusing on industry leaders and how they got to where they are in practical, absorbable lessons
  • Be inspired by their stories of rising to the top and mingle with other likeminded go- getters to make some new connections.
  • You’ll get caught up on the latest trends and challenges facing project managers in the modern world and the hottest tips and tricks for navigating them. Never face a time crunch you couldn’t handle again with industry gurus sharing their time management secrets, exclusively for our members.
At Love Child, we want to help our members grow in whatever arena
they wish to improve in, so join us today to take your career to the next


Do you want to become the leader all your employees look up to? Do you want to build confidence with your boss that you can handle whatever they throw at you? Do you want to network with some of the best leaders in Toronto to find out what makes them so good at what they do? Then our leadership workshops are just what the doctor ordered.

Love Child invites innovative leaders in a range of different industries to our little oasis in the city to share their working knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and what you should look at when crafting your own individual leadership style.

Maybe a coaching leadership style is the one for you, sharing your knowledge and mentoring those around you? Or perhaps you’re more of a visionary leader in the style of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates? Whatever works for you, Love Child has you covered. Join today to lead yourself into the next phase of your career.


A tidy home fosters a tidy mind, or so the saying goes. Our expert panel discussions can also help you take that final push to reorganise and reset your home to promote your best frame of mind.

Get your wardrobe in order, perfect your pantry and declutter your den for a clearer mind and more productive downtime. Our experts will give you their top tips for getting organized, letting go, and becoming less reliant on physical possessions.

There’s even the opportunity to do your bit for the environment with a clothing swap, which saves your last season threads from landfill by finding it a new home.

Get your home under control and join Love Child today.


Love Child gives our members unparalleled access to the brightest minds in every
industry so you can grow not only your body and mind but your career too.

Join Love Child today.

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Great place for drinks! Bonus points for super nice staff and even nicer people working the door. Thanks K at the door!

Reviewer: Terry Donovan


5 out of 5 stars

My company previously had our event at Love Child. Definitely a cool and pop cultured venue. If there's one thing I can say about this place is the vibe. Our event was a success with the help of an awesome team. The venue accommodated over 140+ people comfortably. The natural light in the space gave it a really nice glow to the room during the day. Overall, amazing turn out.

Reviewer: Raymund Arenque


4 out of 5 stars

Super accommodating for every little thing! Highly recommend this space to anyone planning an event!

Reviewer: Maggie Wesley


5 out of 5 stars

Read what clients have to say about Love Child Social House