At Love Child, we pride ourselves on our relaxed atmosphere and flexible spaces that can be used for both work and play.

One of our favourite spaces demonstrating this exciting mix is our Social Lounge - a casual space filled with tropical vibes and shared spaces to connect with fellow Love Children.

Whether it’s a casual client meeting over drinks, or it’s time to hang up your work boots for the day and unwind with friends, our Social Lounge is the ideal melting pot of colour, sounds and tastes to set the mood.


One of the best perks of having both an office and a casual meeting space in the one location is being able to host clients and colleagues alike for relaxed meetings over a drink and some snacks.

Love Child offers our members a space to entertain their important guests in an easygoing way, whilst encouraging friendly conversation and a more relaxed approach to business. Whilst more traditional offices have their place, our lushly appointed Social Lounge offers a sense of comfort and at ease which many clients will appreciate.

Nothing could be simpler than closing your laptop in our co-op work space and casually making your way over to our Social Lounge for business talks over a beer or exciting cocktail. And who knows, that next big contract might just be signed amongst the palm trees and leather chairs!

Love Child has the space you need for every occasion, so become a member today.


You'll feel right at home in our Social Lounge, whether you're working or
Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to maintain both a healthy work and social life as our schedules become ever more hectic. Love Child believes in blending your two worlds and our Social Lounge is the perfect place to catch up with friends after work.
With plenty of space to spread out and find the nook that fits just right for you, the weeks or months of not catching up will melt away as friends unite over a refreshing drink and a sense of ease against our tropical backdrop.
It will feel like no time at all has passed, as our expert bartenders whip up whatever nostalgia inducing libation your heart desires and your inner wild child starts to awaken. We treat our members like family, and welcome all of their guests with the same beachy warmth.

For a workspace that’s also a second home, join Love Child today.


For a home away from home, join Love Child today.