The Top 5 Most Common Types Of Corporate Events

Corporate events in Toronto are a staple of any business, large or small.

Every office has had a party to celebrate a birthday, or a promotion, or reaching a sales goal. Product-based businesses will have product launch events, while services focused brands might have seminars and conferences to share knowledge.

Corporate events are an important part of Canadian business, and putting on the best event possible is crucial to impressing clients and keeping your employees happy.

So what are the most common types of corporate events?

While there are hundreds of different types of these events you might encounter during your career, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most common ones that everyone will experience at some point. Read on to find out more!

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Seminars & Conferences

Seminars and conferences are a staple corporate event in Toronto for many industries.

These types of events are focused on knowledge sharing, discussion, announcements, and networking. Generally there will be a schedule of speaking engagements, with different experts in their fields giving a presentation on specific topics to help share experience within a company or an industry. These are often held annually, semi-annually, or quarterly.

Seminars and conferences typically involve many people to help spread the knowledge as far as possible. This means they are often held in larger spaces that can accommodate hundreds of people in an auditorium style set up. Recently, there has been a shift towards more social and engaging style conferences, featuring more interactive designs and layouts that allows attendees to be fully immersed in the brand and experience.

Appreciation Events

Another common corporate event in Toronto is appreciation events.

An appreciation event is any kind of business occasion that is put on to show gratitude for a particular element within the business. Typically these are things like a long serving employee, or perhaps just for employees in general. Appreciation events can be thrown for clients, successful initiatives, management teams, or suppliers.

These events are great ways to build strong business relationships with customers and partners, as well as improve morale with employees. Feeling appreciated is one of the key things most employees value when looking at their job satisfaction. Putting on an appreciation event is a cost effective and fun way to improve productivity and employee happiness, which can actually lead to better performance and revenue generation.

Team Building Events

An event that many people will have at least heard of is a team building event.

These Toronto corporate events are popular in businesses large and small, and can be held monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. They typically consist of some kind of group activity that requires teamwork, such as a game, physical challenge, intellectual challenge, or problem solving activity. Sometimes it can involve an out of town trip, such as to a camping site or golf course.

Team building events are a fantastic way to create cohesion within the workplace, especially if you have recently added new members to your team. These events allow people to figure out what their strengths are in the team, where their weaknesses lie, and how they can work together to come out the strongest team possible. This makes them invaluable in many workplaces, as when a team works well together they often improve their productivity and output, leading to greater revenue potential for the entire company.

Product Launch Events

For product focused brands, product launch events are crucial in raising awareness for their new offerings.

Product launches are corporate events in Toronto that allow for a brand to reveal their new product to consumers in an exciting and engaging way. Brands like Samsung and Apple are famous for their product launch events, competing every year to outdo each other in lavishness and spectacle. These events are a platform for brands to position their new product how they want consumers to perceive them, from high end technology to everyday products.

Product launch events tend to have some degree of exclusivity around them, with attendees usually hand picked by the brand to offer maximum exposure to the right target audience. Influential journalists or media personalities might be invited to offer them a chance to promote the product through their writing and social media.

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Socials & Celebrations

Social and celebrations are a must in almost every business to ensure employee happiness and productivity.

Toronto corporate events generally involve multiple celebrations and socials throughout the year, from birthday parties to holiday celebrations. Each office will be different in how they put on their socials, but the common theme is that it is a chance for coworkers to interact in a non-work setting to allow them a chance to socialise. This is vital for improving relationships between coworkers, allowing them to work better when they get back into the office.

Socials also give management a chance to interact with their employees in a more casual setting, which can improve relationships within the office and decrease tensions. Most companies would have a regular scheduled social as part of their employee perks, which can be an attractive feature for potential employees during the hiring process.

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