Importance of Choosing the Right Event Venue

By February 21, 2020Corporate Events
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Your choice of event venue will also play a pivotal role in whether invited guests will feel encouraged to attend or ghost it instead. Selecting the perfect event space for rent in Toronto can be a stressful task. You want it to match the theme of the occasion and how you envisioned it inside your head. You want it to exceed, or at the very least, be good enough when set against the almost unrealistic expectations of your clients, or even worse, your own sky-high standards (let’s sat, it’s a wedding and you’re the bride).

At Love Child, we have heard countless event planning strategies from clients who have found exactly what they’re looking for in our gorgeous event venue in Toronto. That’s what we’ll be sharing with you in this article. Here’s an exhaustive checklist filled with everything you need to know when hunting for an ideal venue for your private events. Learn all about the elements that constitute an excellent setting and that stresses the importance of choosing the right event venue—plus steal a number of event planning secrets professionals swear by!

All set? Let’s delve right in!

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Location and Logistics

In the early stages, you may be overwhelmed with a lot of options, but considering location and logistics will allow you to narrow down your options and come up with a practical choice that you will be happy about in the end.

  • For starters, you can make a list of all the venues in your desired area. For example, research about event spaces for rent in Toronto.
  • Call each one to inquire if they are available on the required dates and about the specific details, such as rates, capacity, package inclusions, etc. (You can use all these pertinent information later as we discuss more factors to consider).
  • Cross out all entries that are not available on the dates of your event.

Make it a point that the location of the event venue is somewhere that will be easily accessible to the majority of your guests, invited speakers, and vendors as well. This is vital to the success of your event because if not, you may have to separately arrange for accommodation and transportation for each of your guests. Let’s be honest. This can be difficult if you have a limited budget or a huge guest list.

Consider Capacity

If you are anticipating 100 guests to arrive for a corporate meeting and speaking engagement, this means your event venue should have sufficient room for at least 150. Make sure that it won’t appear and seem too crowded for your guests. If there is dancing in the program, you have to make considerations for this as well and ensure that there will be ample space for everyone to move around freely. Nevertheless, you still have to think about the vibe for the occasion. It also won’t be appropriate to set, say, an intimate wedding in a large ballroom that seats a thousand.

Plan Your Site Visit

What time is your event scheduled? Are your guests going to spend time outdoors, say, partying on the grounds at night or a formal wedding banquet in the patio? Here’s a pro tip. When checking out event venues for rent in Toronto, be sure to visit them according to the time and day of your event. Meaning, if you are planning a weekend party in the morning, do your rounds about the same time, too.

This will provide you with a clearer picture of what kind of ambiance your guests are going to experience. Furthermore, this will also give you a bird’s eye view of the event and enable you to make preparations ahead. Maybe you need to advise attendees in advance to come in a few minutes early because of the traffic situation in the area or perhaps an outdoor tent should be rented because the sun can get intense at some point, which can make the reception uncomfortable.

Food Catering

Whether the food you served was delicious or horrible, it’s guaranteed that more than half of your guests are going to remember it; even more, they are either going to rave or rant about it whether privately with friends or publicly on social media. That’s how integral food is to every event. When exploring event spaces for rent in Toronto, always ask them about their preferred caterers. This can make your vendor hunting a tad easier. In some cases, you may also have the opportunity to negotiate for better rates.

How Fitting Is Your Venue to Your Event?

The kind of event you are having is going dictate what type of event space for rent in Toronto you should be going after.

Here are some key considerations.

  • Guests should be able to make an instant connection to your theme when they get to the venue. If you are planning for a wellness retreat and workshop, shouldn’t it take place somewhere that exudes a refreshingly healthy vibe or that spouse the same values?
  • For less hassle, choose a venue that packs a punch when it comes to aesthetics. If it is already beautiful, to begin with, that’s going to save you a lot of time and resources in decorating.
  • Aside from setting the right tone and judging an event venue based on its relevance to your content, you should also prioritize options that are already equipped with essential features. For example, if you are holding a live music gig, book an event venue that offers an amazing sound system and that can provide technical support if possible.

Event Space for Rent Toronto

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