How To Promote Your Corporate Event

By July 31, 2019Corporate Events
Event planners promoting their corporate event in Toronto on social media.

You’ve secured a venue, made your catering order, booked your guests and sent out invitations. Congratulations, your corporate event in Toronto is well on it’s way! The hard stuff is done and now it’s time to move onto other important matters, promoting your event!

Just think about it, what’s the use of organizing a big corporate event if nobody knows about it? Or even worse, nobody attends! You and your team have worked hard for this, so you want to make sure you build enough excitement around this to get people to buy tickets and draw crowds to your event. If you want to be the talk of the town, you have to make noise about it first. In order to do so, here are five ways to promote your corporate event in Toronto:

Use Social Media

For a method that’s tried and true, always promote your events on all your brand’s social media accounts. Major corporate panels or events are always followed up by a killer social media strategy so make sure you don’t put that to the side. Apart from informing followers of what’s going on, the best strategies actually help build excitement around the event. Be sure to tease information on speakers, special guests, and sponsors and be sure to run contests and special ticket promos to entice more buyers.

Leverage PR

Are you launching an innovative new product or service? Are you going to have notable speakers on your panel? Is your guestlist full of a-listers, socialites and/or trailblazers in your industry? If you have any notable things happening, you might be able to leverage tradition PR to drive awareness around your event. If you send event details to media through a press release, not only could they feature your event on their event listings pages but they may be interested in doing an article write-up or feature.

Use Your Newsletters

Never underestimate the power of email marketing. If you already have an established newsletter audience for your company or brand, you definitely want to start promoting there. This is an audience that’s already invested in your brand, so they’re more inclined to support the events and initiatives you’re running. To build more loyalty amongst your newsletter audience, running exclusive promos or contests are a great way to earn interest around your event.


Who doesn’t love a good contest? Consider doing a free giveaway on social media to your followers as a way to gain more awareness around your corporate event. If you have great sponsors on board, consider doing a big prize pack with tickets along with a bunch of goodies from vendors and sponsors that are going to be there. If it’s possible, maybe even arrange a meet-and-greet with one of your notable speakers. The bigger the prize pack, the more contest entries you’ll get.

Not only is this a great way to build hype around your event, it’s also a great opportunity to grow your social media following. For contest submissions, ask that users follow your page in order to be considered. To take things even further, consider boosting the contest and watch it reach even larger audiences than you even anticipated.

Online Communities

There is an abundance of online community groups where you can go in and promote your corporate event for free. This is essentially the online version of passing event flyers on the street, except better because you know the people in these groups are actually invested in the subject matter of your event. On Facebook for example, there are so many local interest groups in your city where you can go in and promote your event on. Just think about the sectors your brand aligns with (i.e. tech, entrepreneurialism, fashion, lifestyle) and search for those keywords on Facebook and find the groups that would be most interested in the event you’re promoting.

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