How To Get Sponsors For Your Event

By November 13, 2019Corporate Events
Corporate event at Love Child Toronto.

Do you have a big event coming up? Whether it’s a panel, product launch or corporate party, getting sponsors involved can help take it to the next level. If it’s the first time you’ve considered the idea, it’s definitely something worth pursuing as collaborating with local and recognizable brands can build your own reputation amongst your target demographic and even generate more hype (and sales!) around your own event.

What do sponsors do? Sponsors typically offer funding, products or services to help support events with an audience that they find valuable or aligns with their own. In exchange, they typically ask for brand exposure on social media and/or key placements at the event so they can engage with attendees face-to-face. Sounds great, right? Now the big question is, how do you attract sponsors to support your event coming up?

Here are some of our top tips:

Put Together A List Of Potential Sponsors

When compiling your list of potential sponsors, you want to think about the brands that would benefit from sponsoring your event. And to do that, you need to think about the types of people attending your party and what sorts of products or services they’d like to see there. If that aligns with a brand’s target consumer, then they’d make a good sponsorship candidate that’s worth reaching out to.

Pro Tip

While it’s tempting to only include the big corporate brands on the sponsorship list, consider including some small to mid-level brands as well. They’re typically much more hungry to the brand exposure, especially if the audience is right, and may even give you more value in products or services in exchange for that exposure.

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Think About What Your Can Offer

Before approaching brands, think about what you can offer them. Whether it’s social posts and mentions on your various brand platforms, premium placements through your event or even a guest speaking opportunity at your event panel — carefully consider what you can offer brands and make sure it’s realistic and doable. Knowing what you can offer is also integral for your overall pitch.

Write A Pitch And Reach Out

Once you know the types of companies and brands you want to reach out to and what you can offer them, you’re ready to reach out! When doing so, remember to highlight the following:

  • Who you are and the type of event you’re hosting
  • The demographic breakdown of your expected attendees
  • What you’re looking for from this sponsorship — whether it’s funding, product or services
  • What you can offer them in exchange for their participation

Of course, not everyone will say yes or respond back to your request, but don’t let that get you down! Follow up nicely but if you don’t hear back, continue down your list of potential sponsors.

Pro Tip

Reach out to sponsors as early as you can. Brands and companies, especially larger and prestigious ones, typically have a cap of how many sponsorship opportunities they can take on in any given month or year, and depending on when you each out, there’s always the potential they may have capped out for that time period. Or depending on how short noticed your request is, they might not be able to fulfill the sponsorship request in such a short amount of time. That’s why you want to reach out to sponsors as soon as you can, with as much time available as possible. That way they can carefully consider your request and you both have enough time to go over terms and negotiate if necessary.

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Play A Good Host

Once you’ve gotten sponsors locked down, you have to make sure you follow through with all your promises made. Leading up to the event, make sure sponsors are constantly in the loop of what’s going on and report any fulfilled promises you’d made along the way. Once the big day has arrived, if your sponsors will be on-site at the event — make sure you play a good host! Besides helping make sure your sponsorship requirements have been met, make sure they have a good time the day-of as well. Whether it’s providing them lunch, a thank-you bag or a VIP experience at the event, do what you can to make a positive lasting impression on them!

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