Fun Party Games to Play at Your Next Corporate Party

By November 7, 2019Corporate Events
Group of office workers at their corporate party in Toronto

Planning your next corporate party but don’t know how to keep your guests entertained? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some of our favourite games to play at corporate parties in Toronto:

Count It Up

A perfect game to start off your corporate party in Toronto, have your employees guess the number of items in a big jar. This could be jellybeans, chocolates, ping pong balls… you name it. At the end of the party, the person who guessed the closest wins the jar or a prize!

Lit up sign on a brick wall that reads “bingo”

Coworker Bingo

Want to give your employees a chance to get to know one another better? This game is perfect! Create a bingo sheet with 25 squares. In each square, write a statement such as “Has Lived In Another Country” or “Speaks Another Language.” Players must go around and ask their coworkers if any of these statements apply to them. The first person to make a row—or even fill the whole card—wins!

Guess Who

This is a great one for any corporate parties in Toronto—especially for anyone who has a sense of humour. Have your party guests write down facts or stories about themselves or their jobs on slips of paper. One person will take turns reading the slips out loud and everyone has to guess who that fact belongs to. The whackier, the better!

Name that Song

This can be a team or an individual game! Depending on the size of your office, either split everyone up into teams or on their own to guess the title of songs that you play. Keep track of which team guesses correctly and whoever has the most points by the end, wins! Bonus points if they can say the artist too!

A bunch of colourful balloons gathered for corporate parties in Toronto

Balloon Burst

Warning: this is a loud one. To plat, you must tie a blown-up balloon around the ankle of each player. The object of the game is to run around and stomp on other people’s balloons in order to pop them. Once your balloon is popped, you’re out! Last balloon still intact wins. Best not played in heels…

Musical Chairs

A classic party game everyone knows and loves from their childhood! But who says this game is only for children? Gather a bunch of chairs in a circle and play music as people dance around. When the music stops, sit! The last one standing is out. Remove a chair for each round that follows.

Corporate Parties Toronto

Now that you have you’ve figured out which games you’re going to play at your office party, it’s time to select a venue! Love Child Social provides a fun and unique backdrop for any private corporate parties in Toronto. Check us out to book your next event now!

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