5 Tips To Planning A Corporate Team Building Activity

By June 4, 2019Corporate Events
Coworkers posing for a picture at corporate team building event in Toronto.

Teamwork makes the dream work, am I right? Which is why it’s never a bad idea to reward your work team with a fun corporate team building activity in Toronto. Whether you’re welcoming in new members, celebrating a company accomplishment or simply want to encourage some bonding time amongst colleagues, hosting regular or quarterly activities or corporate events help your team feel valued.

To help ensure your next team building endeavour will be one to remember, here are five crucial tips to planning one:

Coworkers socializing at corporate team building event in Toronto.

Host It During Work Hours

This always depends on the type of activity that you have in mind but most often than not, try and schedule most of your team building activities and events during work hours. No matter how much your colleagues love their job, they spend an upwards of 30-40 hours there each week, so try and limit the extra amount of time spent during evenings and weekends so your colleagues can enjoy their personal time as well. Doing it within work hours also ensures the most amount of employee participation.

Get Your Team’s Feedback

Once it’s all said and done, don’t be afraid to ask the team for feedback. Ask them how they liked the activity and what sort of things they’d like to do in the near future. If you’re in the planning stages of organizing your next corporate team building event in Toronto, ask your work gang for their fresh ideas so it takes the pressure off you to organize something on your own. It’s a great opportunity to make the experience more collaborative and make members of your team feel involved in the planning process.

Coworkers posing for a picture at corporate team building event in Toronto.

Choose Collaborative Activities

The whole point of planning team building activities is to bring your work team together. While a little competition is healthy, try and plan activities that involve teamwork. Any activity that incorporates some sort of problem solving or challenge is a great way to achieve this.

Make It Inclusive and Accessible

Try and make every corporate team building event as inclusive as possible. If you’re planning a physical activity, consider if any of your colleagues have any physical limitations or health conditions that may prevent them from fully participating. If you’re planning to take the entire team out for lunch, don’t forget to consider any dietary restrictions or food allergies. If you’re planning an after-work, off-site event or activity, make sure everyone on your team has a way there and back home. No matter what you decide to do, make sure it’s inclusive as possible so everyone that wants to has the opportunity to participate.

Host It Out Of Office

You and your team spend countless hours in the office each week. So when it comes to hosting a team building activity in Toronto, why not shake things up and take it out of office. When you look outside your office walls, the options are endless. There are so many activities you can do, it simply depends on what you and your team have in mind — whether that’s going outdoors to your local park or somewhere indoors where you can catch up over a drink.

Corporate team building event hosted at Love Child Social.

Some of the best places to go are spaces that are versatile and multi-purpose. Love Child Social combines all the best elements of a venue and social hangout, all in one place. Whether your team building activity is smaller and intimate or a full-blown corporate event, Love Child has the ability to transform itself for whatever your needs are.

Want to do something a little laid back? Their Game Lounge can definitely keep you entertained, but if you want to infuse a little wellness, consider checking out some of their yoga and fitness classes that they host in-house. For a little after-hours fun, grab your work gang and hit the dance floor Friday or Saturdays for a night they’ll never forget.

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