Top 5 Corporate Team Building Ideas

By May 31, 2019Corporate Events
Top 5 Corporate Team Building Ideas

Whether you’re looking to reward your work team for all their hard work or trying to amp up team spirit in the office, hosting a team building event is a great way to help keep your staff motivated and engaged.

If you’re looking for a couple activities that will transform a team of individuals into a united front, here are a couple corporate team building ideas you can do in Toronto.

Group of female co-workers at team building event in Toronto.

Eat, Drink And Be Merry!

What brings people together better than some tasty food and bevvies? Bringing the team together for some food and drinks is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book, but a surefire way to bring your work gang together. Start with something fun but simple like a themed potluck or order in and take the team outside to a local park for a picnic. Or why not kickstart the weekend a little early and take the team to a local bar for the last two work hours on a Friday? Make a field trip out of it and take your team to the local brewhouse to see how your favourite local craft beers are made! Taking a couple moments to eat and drink with your team can give you all the chance to catch up with one another and see each other outside of the sometimes stiff, professional work setting.

Host A Game Night

If you want things to get fun and a little competitive, you can never go wrong with a game night! Bring out classics like Catan, Monopoly, Codenames, or Taboo and bring out your team’s inner child. If you have some gamers on your team, consider investing in a company game console and start your very own in-office Mario Kart tournament or take turns competing in rounds of Mario Party.

If you want to host game night outside the office, Love Child Social can give you the best of both worlds thanks to their Games Lounge. Every Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m.-10 p.m., you can bring your team to enjoy the variety of classic board games they have in-house. If you want to feel like a college kid again, their tables offer the perfect opportunity for a round of beer pong. All this in their comforts of Love Child’s trendy, city oasis.

Corporate team building event in Toronto.

Leave Your Hearts On The Dancefloor

Now this isn’t for everyone, but who doesn’t like to get a little jiggy with it once in a while? For something that’s a little more formal, consider taking a group dance classes at a local dance studio. Learn a choreographed dance to one of Beyonce’s biggest hits or learn the basics to ballroom dance!

If that’s not your team’s style and you’d rather go for a little night on the town, join us at Love Child Social for Wild Child Fridays or Love Saturdays. DJs play all the top hits so your team can dance away their stresses on their dancefloor.

Community Service

There’s nothing that brings a team together like giving back to the community. Sometimes reshifting your focus to something outside your office walls can help reinstill a sense of purpose back to your team. There’s no doubt that your staff has causes they care about, so rally together and find one that matters to all of you. Table a couple of charity initiatives – maybe it’s organizing a food drive or helping out with a shelter. It only takes a couple hours out of your month to make an impact on the community around you while also making your team closer and stronger for it. Everyone wins!

Group of employees at a corporate team building event in Toronto.

Host A Corporate Party

Do you have a company anniversary coming up? Are you planning on launching a new service or product? Or maybe you want to consider elevating your brand by hosting a corporate party in Toronto with your staff, influencers and industry thought leaders. Couple it with a panel or workshop and not only would it be a fun party, but an excellent learning and networking opportunity for the attendees you invite. Of course organizing any corporate event can be a huge undertaking, but if you give you and your team months to plan and allocate responsibilities internally, it can be a fun team project that brings your entire work family together by working towards one common purpose and goal. The best part? You get to enjoy the fruits of your labour at the event itself, which will ultimately shower your team with a sense of accomplishment.

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