How to Market Your Corporate Event

By January 24, 2020Corporate Events
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Corporate events are ways to make your brand known and keep your product on-demand – it’s a way to keep your business afloat. The more popular and more attendees it gets, the more your brand will be spread to people. Your company will be known for it and they might have some confidence in your services and products. But how can you achieve this kind of level? How can you make people love your services and your business as a whole?

Here are some easy ways to successfully promote your corporate event:

Close up of someone using social media to market their corporate eventUse Your Company Hashtag

Everyone is on social media right now – they will post anything and everything that interests them. It pays well when you choose a hashtag that’s crafty and easy to remember so guests can use the hashtag you made for the event. When you post developments and anything related to the upcoming event, use the hashtag so people know where to look. If you have guest speakers and performers in your event, brief them about the hashtag so their followers will be able to know about it. But don’t overdo it! You don’t want to scare off potential guests now, do you?

Use the Magic of SEO

When you’ve run your business for a while now, you probably know what SEO is and how it changes the game plan in online marketing. You can utilize a specific set of keywords like corporate events Toronto so a lot of users will be able to pull up your event article and see what’s happening. SEO is a simple tool but quite effective, as long as you’re straightforward with the keywords and optimize your content for more possibilities. It helps when you research nifty keywords through helpful tools and get more chances of having readers. More readers means more people who will attend!

Close up of someone holding corporate event tickets

Make It Easy for People to Attend

Are your tickets easy to obtain? Or is it as difficult as Willy Wonka’s golden ticket? When it’s hard to obtain the tickets to your event, people will surely be discouraged to go to your event. Contact ticketing offices, work with third-party ticketing platforms, and even hold a mini-contest for those tickets plus freebies – this will entice people to check out your corporate event. While not all can be convinced to attend, they will likely relay it to people who want to go.

A Small Competition

Say something along the lines of, “Whoever gets more likes with their post with #company will win a hoodie, a phone, etc.” – that will catch attention like wildfire. People are competitive by nature, and they like to win – even in the smallest of things. You can even make use of their posts from past events and this will entice the newer batch of attendees to go – they want to see it for themselves. It takes creativity and care in planning small contests, so don’t be afraid to work with your creative department with this – it will definitely pay off.

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